Religious Freedom Is A Human Right

Freedom of religion is vital to building a diverse and pluralist nation. Australia should be a place where there is true freedom for people to hold and live out their deepest convictions.

What we do


We support denominations, organisations, churches and other faith communities to advocate effectively for religious freedom. This includes supporting faith leaders as they meet with politicians, resourcing “meet your candidate” forums during elections, and making it easy for people to write to, call and meet with their local MP to advocate on issues of religious freedom.

Legal Analysis

We provide world-class analysis of legislation and proposals to church leaders and other faith groups, writing submissions to Government and assisting and coordinating other responses.

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“FREEDOM24 conference will develop your understanding of threats to religious freedom in Australia from historical, theological and policy perspectives.”

Speakers include:

  • Sarah Irving-Stonebraker, Associate Professor of Western Civilisation at ACU.
  • John McClean, Vice Principal of Christ College, lectures in theology and ethics.
  • Vanessa Cheng, Executive Officer for the Australian Association of Christian Schools
  • Mark Spencer, Director of Public Policy for Christian Schools Australia.
  • Mark Sneddon, Executive Director of the Institute for Civil Society
  • Mike Southon, Executive Director of Freedom for Faith

In-person tickets include morning tea, lunch and a complimentary coffee cart.

We are also providing FREE livestream tickets this year, to maximise access for those who cannot attend in person.

Our Current Campaigns

Queensland “Respect at Work” legislation

The Queensland Government have introduced a cut-down version of the Anti-Discrimination Bill. This new bill has removed many of the elements that undermined religious freedom and faith-based institutions, but some significant problems still remain.

The Respect at Work and Other Matters Amendment Bill 2024 was introduced partly as a replacement of the controversial draft Anti-Discrimination Bill 2024, and was intended to implement recommendations from the Federal “Respect@Work” report. There are still serious problems in the Respect at Work Bill that will harm religious communities and the freedoms of speech and religion,including:

  • a broad category of “hateful” speech that risks making religious debate illegal
  • a vague defintion of “harassment on the basis of sex” that could include disagreement on the nature of sex, sexuality and gender. This could force faith-based organisations to prevent such “harassment” by banning them from teaching what they believe.

These problems are all unintended consequences of the rapid creation of the bill, and can easily be fixed by amendments.

The most effective thing we can do is to contact our local MPs to show them how many people are concerned about this legislation. Freedom for Faith has developed a resource to make it easy to find your MP and send them a personal message about your concerns.

NSW “Equality” bill

The independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, has introduced his “Equality” bill, which would significantly undermine religious freedom in NSW. In collaboration with the heads of churches and a wide range of faith groups, Freedom for Faith has coordinated a campaign to call, write and meet with local MPs. We are also directly engaging with the Government and opposition on the future of the bill, and resourcing faith leaders in their advocacy. The legislation has been referred to a Parliamentary Committee for Inquiry.

The most effective thing we can do is to contact our local MPs to keep reminding them how dangerous this legislation is. Freedom for Faith has developed a resource to make it easy to find your MP and send them a personal message about your concerns.

Federal Religious Discrimination Bill and faith-based schools

On Friday April 12, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese met with a number of faith leaders, including members of the Freedom for Faith board, to discuss the Religious Discrimination Bill and related legislative changes, including changes to the Sex Discrimination Act for faith-based schools.

This meeting was very positive, with the PM saying that religious freedom “will not go backwards while I’m Prime Minister of Australia”. He also indicated that he believed that faith-based organisations (including schools) requiring employees to live out their faith was “not discrimination”. This meeting also effectively ruled out any deal with the Greens to pass legislation.

This is a very positive development given the media coverage of the issue over the past month.

NSW Conversion Practices Ban Act

On March 22, 2024, the NSW Parliament passed the Conversion Practices Ban Act, a week after revealing the legislation. Despite a strong push from faith leaders and communities for improvements and clarifications, the legislation passed unamended.

Assoc Professor Neil Foster – a member of the Freedom for Faith board – has written a detailed analysis of the legislation and its implications.

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