Freedom19 Conference

NSW Parliament House, Sydney

Freedom19 – The Benefits of Religious Freedom to a Civil Society

We live in a time when many see religion and freedom for religion as a threat to civil society. Religious belief is decried as the cause of violence, extremism, the stifling of free thought and the subjugation of others. These are important challenges. If religion poisons everything then wouldn’t we be better off without freedom for it? At most should the law allow for a tolerance of ’nice believers’ whose beliefs and speech do not cause harm to others? Shouldn’t conformity to good social norms be preferred over freedom to dissent? 

The Commonwealth is drafting potentially significant legislative protection for freedom of belief. We want to therefore pause and ask the question – what are the benefits of religious freedom to a civil society?

Freedom19 is a unique opportunity to network with some of Australia’s leading thinkers on freedom of belief thought and conscience. In the contested intersection of culture, public theology, and law, we want to offer a platform for the best possible conversations. 

So join with us on September 4 at NSW Parliament House.

We will begin at 8am with a networking breakfast, morning tea and lunch will be provided, and we will finish by 4pm.

Sep 4, 2019

8:00am - 4:00pm

NSW Parliament House, Sydney