Freedom23 Conference

FREEDOM23 will be a particularly helpful day for church and other religious leaders, those working in faith organisations, and anyone concerned about threats to religious freedom.

The day will:
Inform you about the current threats to religious freedom, how they are likely to affect families, places of worship, and faith organisations where things are heading, and what can be done.

Equip you in institutional readiness and advocating for religious freedom.

The Freedom23 Speakers Are:

  • Max Jeganathan – Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX), former lawyer and policy advisor.
  • Mike Southon – Executive Director of Freedom for Faith
  • Dr Alex Deagon – Associate Professor of Law at QUT
  • Nick Jensen – Political liaison for the Australian Christian Higher Education Alliance
  • Peter Fowler – CEO of The Anglican Schools Corporation
  • Mark Sneddon – Executive Director of the Institute for Civil Society