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Freedom for Faith is…

Freedom for Faith is a christian legal think tank. We are trying to build dialogue with people of other faiths, with people of no faith at all, about how we can live and let live in a modern multicultural Australia. 

We believe that Australians with different beliefs need to talk. We need to stop turning away from our differences. Especially religious differences. And even more so when it comes to politics and law. We need to hear each other. And turn towards each other in dialogue. Freedom of belief is how people with deep differences live together well. 

For many Australians, religious freedom goes to the heart of their identity. They need to be free, as anybody else is free, to express that identity in their private and public life. 

Religious freedom has proved to be fundamental to western civilisation. If you look to countries with religious freedom you see democracy, you see human rights protected, you see successful economies. The countries that do not have religious freedom - they suffer on all those grounds. Put two and two together - religious freedom is essential to a civilised society.  

Freedom of belief is not about protecting Christians. It’s about protecting the freedom of all Australians to live out and speak their beliefs. Those who question the compatibility of religious freedom with human rights miss the point that religious freedom is a human right.

The Ruddock inquiry gives the parliament an opportunity to consider afresh the crucial role of religious freedom in Australia’s liberal democracy. Thousands of Australians made submissions. Many local members have engaged with constituents.  The time for action is now.

We look forward to being part of the important national conversation that will follow the release of the Ruddock report. 

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