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Join Us in Prayer

We are confident that prayer is the most significant way we can be supported and religious freedom can be protected.  We thank you for your prayers- here are some things you may wish to pray for: 

1. Pray for wisdom from Federal parliamentarians as they consider a response to the Ruddock inquiry. Ask that there may be a just protection of freedoms for all Australians so that we may be able to live ‘quiet and godly lives’ (1 Tim 2).

2. Pray that Freedom for Faith may have resources, energy, and wisdom to speak graciously into what is too often a contested and polarised debate.

3. Ask that Australian Christians won’t fear but be thankful for the remarkable freedoms we have had to speak of Jesus and live for him. Pray that we never take that for granted and make the most of opportunities to love and serve our neighbours.

4. Give thanks for all the good done at Freedom18, and for the new connections made. 

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