Letter Template

Template letter to MP, asking for meeting

This letter is for meetings that are focused on religious freedom and sicrimination.

For a letter focused particularly on faith schools, click here.

Who to send it to:

– Your local MP email or mailing address (published on their parliamentary website)
– (Cc) Chief of Staff and/or Advisor (if known)
– (Cc) Secretary (if known)

Please notify Freedom for Faith (info@freedomforfaith.org.au) when you contact an MP for a meeting.

Dear Mr/Ms [MP’s Last Name],

I am writing to seek a meeting with you to discuss the issue of religious freedom and discrimination in Australia, and the concern of the Christian community in your electorate.

[A sentence or two to introduce yourself and the community you represent (church, mosque, school, organisation etc).]

As you are probably aware, there is no Federal legislation to protect religious freedom or prevent religious discrimination, and an attempt at legislating a bill failed in the lead-up to the previous election. Religious freedom, along with freedom of belief and conscience, is vital to a healthy pluralist society, where people who disagree on fundamental issues can live together. With religious discrimination against a variety of faith groups (expecially Jewish and Muslim people) on the rise, a bill protecting people of faith is more important than ever.

I’d like to request a meeting with you in person as an opportunity for you to meet and hear firsthand from [members of the community]/[leaders in local churches/mosques etc and members of their commuities] and our concerns.

I would be grateful if a member of your staff could get in touch to organise an appropriate time.

I look forward to hearing from your office and meeting with you soon.

Yours sincerely,