Mr Christopher Brohier: Not Even in America! Fighting for Religious Freedom in Australia

Article by Mr. Christopher Brohier // 29 Jun 2017

Mr. Christopher Brohier addressed the Freedom17 Conference in Canberra on Wed 14 June 2017.

Sen. David Fawcett: Article 18 – The inconvenient right

Article by Sen. David Fawcett // 23 Jun 2017

Are human rights fundamental, or relative to culture and time? What is the role of religion in contemporary Australia’s plural secular liberal democracy and why do some people treat Article 18 of the ICCPR as an irrelevant inconvenience?

Rt Rev Dr Stead: Secular Australia? Implications for Freedom of Religion

Article by Rt Rev Dr Michael Stead // 22 Jun 2017

In this address Rt Rev Dr Michael Stead explores what kind of secular country Australia has been, what it could be and should be and what implications this could have for freedom of religion.

Assoc. Prof. Foster: Protecting Religious Freedom in Australia Through Legislative Balancing Clauses

Article by Assoc. Prof. Neil Foster // 22 Jun 2017

One of the key ways that religious freedom in Australia is protected today is through the use of ‘balancing clauses’ in legislation prohibiting unlawful discrimination. These clauses take into account the need to balance the free exercise of religion with the right to be free from discrimination. This paper analyses the different religious freedom balancing clauses that are used in Australia law at the moment, and those that have been proposed in relation to same sex marriage, and suggests areas for improvement.

Prof. Patrick Parkinson: Why all political parties ought to care about religious freedom

Article by Professor Patrick Parkinson // 15 Jun 2017

Managing difference means listening to the concerns of all those for whom faith is important. The three pillars of freedom of religion in relation to marriage, freedom of conscience, and freedom from discrimination offer foundations on which perhaps people of goodwill on different sides of the debate can agree.

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