No need to speculate

Article by // 23 Sep 2017

Should we be worried about freedoms we may lose, if same sex marriage comes in? Let's look at countries where the change has happened already. Starting with Canada. Professor Iain Benson is a global expert in religious freedom. And he's very worried at the levels of ignorance that Australian law makers have. We need to start getting serious about protecting the freedoms we have.

How free should Australia be?

Article by // 21 Sep 2017

We need to be great lovers of freedom and tolerance. That’s a message for both sides of this plebiscite debate, and one that will be needed even more in the ashes of the outcome.

It’s not about marriage. It’s about freedom.

Article by // 20 Sep 2017

We've talked about marriage. Now we need to talk about freedom. We need to go back to how we do life together. We need to be able to express our deepest convictions and live alongside those who have different ones.

Lets’s Disagree, Without Being Disagreeable

Article by Michael Kellahan // 17 Aug 2017

Australians must be allowed to make the case that this thing called marriage, when it has actually been practiced, has brought fantastic good to the wider society. People shouldn't be ashamed to speak up for the classical vision of it. Many are not persuaded that a legal or cultural rearrangement of marriage will bring good. Most importantly, we believe in the freedom to speak and express those beliefs.

Mr Christopher Brohier: Not Even in America! Fighting for Religious Freedom in Australia

Article by Mr. Christopher Brohier // 29 Jun 2017

Mr. Christopher Brohier addressed the Freedom17 Conference in Canberra on Wed 14 June 2017.

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