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Associate Professor Neil Foster

Victoria’s Conversion Practices Bill is as bad as they say it is

Associate Professor Neil Foster
Jan 18, 2021
Many commentators concerned with free speech and religious freedom have expressed serious concerns about the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 (Vic), now awaiting its second reading debate in the Victorian Legislative Council...
John Steenhof
Religious freedom is the canary in the coal mine of Australian free-speech and viewpoint diversity – it provides a good barometer for the health of other rights and freedoms in a democratic society. Australia should...
Stephen McAlpine

Transgressing the ‘Gospel of Work’

Stephen McAlpine
Nov 26, 2020
When it comes to helping their parishioners navigate the increasingly complex secular workplace Christian ministers are playing catch-up. Simply put, churches have neglected the largest time portion of their parishioners’ lives for too long, failing...
Freedom for Faith
To help you make an informed vote at the 2020 Queensland Election, Freedom for Faith have asked a series of religious freedom policy questions of each political party. The table below compiles the responses from...