Not Even in America! Fighting for Religious Freedom in Australia

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Not Even in America! Fighting for Religious Freedom in Australia[1]


Exclusion Zone Legislation in Victoria-alleged criminalisation of attempted communication

Threats to Religious Freedom

Councils and by-laws-Street Preacher Cases
Exclusion Zones- Peaceful protests and praying forbidden?
Institutional Thought Police –University, Public Service, Private Enterprise
Anti-Discrimination-Attack of the Activists

Fighting for Freedom

Successful Cases-Street Preachers, Exclusion Zones, Universities and Public Service, Anti-Discrimination issues
Effective Weapons- Implied Freedom of Political Communication, Section 116 Commonwealth Constitution
High Quality litigation and litigators (SAS in the Law), Training
Parliamentary Advocacy

Freedom in History

Litigation in Faith Based Social Movements-Abolition-the Zhong, Somerset, Civil Rights –Brown

Freedom in Australia

Freedom for the Gospel-Human Flourishing, Gloriam Deo

[1] Christopher Brohier Barrister-at-Law; Chief Legal Counsel human Rights Law Alliance


Christopher Brohier is a barrister residing in Adelaide. He is the South Australian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby.