David Ould commenting on Freedom18

David Ould attended¬†Freedom18 in Sydney & here’s what he had to say after the conference:

“Hi, my name is David. I’m one of the ministers at Parramatta Anglican Cathedral. We’ve had a great day here at the Freedom for Faith Conference at the New South Wales State Parliament House. We’ve heard from politicians, not least those who are currently involved in these debates. We’ve heard from academics, in the legal field, in particular. And we’re thinking around at this critical time and what it means for us to have religious freedom, and the competing goods and challenges in that debate. 

It’s been good not just to think about those things, but also think about how they should be articulated, how we can talk to our supporters, and encourage them, but also how we can engage in wider debates in this society in order to protect our right to remain in debates in this society. I’m really looking forward to next year, and I want to encourage you to be here and to be part of it as well.”


Freedom for Faith is a Christian legal think tank that exists to see religious freedom protected and promoted in Australia.