Freedom for Faith in the Media

It’s been great to see the press interest in Freedom for Faith’s submission and on religious freedom in general. 
As our public voice gets bigger we’ve got a growing appreciation for the challenges journalists are under. 
Legacy media is under-resourced and under pressure from a rapidly changing media landscape. 

With religious freedom, journalists are reporting at the fascinating but controversial intersection of religion, politics and sexuality. It’s easy to write it in a lazy narrative of conflict between conservatives and progressives. We’ve appreciated the chance to give a credible and reasonable voice to an issue that matters so much to the country. It is time to turn from our differences, listen to one another, and speak graciously. 

We will keep publishing on our own growing platforms, but it is nice to be part of a public and national conversation too.  
Below are some links to where we’ve been in the news. (Be warned though  – they don’t always get our submission completely right! That’s no conspiracy or malice – just indicative of the pressures they are under in reporting a complex area in straightforward ways).

The Sydney Morning Herald were the first to report on Freedom for Faith’s submission 

Professor Patrick Parkinson was interviewed about the submission on ABC Breakfast – the interview starts at 2:20:40

Patrick Parkinson interview on Wake Up Australia with Michael McLaren

The Guardian mentioned the Sydney Anglican Archdioceses endorsement of our submission  


Freedom for Faith is a Christian legal think tank that exists to see religious freedom protected and promoted in Australia.