Some Reflections on Law, Religious Freedom and Secularism

Developments in various countries show that religious freedom may be challenged by laws or protected by them.

In this paper, Dr. Iain Benson, a recent arrival as a law Professor in Australia and who has acted as legal counsel in various countries for religious people and groups, discusses some of the contours and concepts related to religious liberty today based on his experiences as a Barrister and Academic.

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Professor Benson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, is an academic, lecturer and practicing lawyer in constitutional law and human rights with particular focus on freedoms of association, conscience and religion, the nature of pluralism, multi-culturalism and relationships between law, religion and human rights. He was one of the drafters of the South African Charter of Religious Rights and Freedoms (signed by all major religions in that country in September 2010) and remains closely involved in advancing the Charter in that country and similar projects elsewhere. He works in English and French and divides his time between France, Canada and South Africa and now Australia. He is also a published poet.