William Cooper – Stewart Levitt

On January 26, 1938, William Cooper walked up the steps of 150 Elizabeth Street in Sydney. At 77 years of age, he was about to begin a meeting that would begin a nation-wide indigenous justice movement. Almost all breakthroughs for Aboriginal people can be traced back to that day.

On September 7, 2017, William Cooper’s last remaining grandchild walked into that famous meeting place – the now perfectly restored Australian Hall – to explain how he is trying to complete the work his grandfather began. Joining him were leaders from the same community groups who meant so much to William Cooper in his day. The Indigenous community, Christians, Jewish people and leaders from the Labor movement.

The grandchildren of several people who were there on the day spoke during the evening, as well as members of the community groups to whom William Cooper meant a great deal – including one of the last remaining Holocaust survivors in Australia. 

Watch Stewart Levitt read a letter written by William Cooper here.


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