Submission on Tasmanian Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations Bill) 2013


Freedom 4 Faith (F4F) is an organisation that was formed to educate the Christian church and wider public on issues relating to freedom of religion in Australia. F4F’s leadership team includes senior Christian leaders from the Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian and Seventh-day Adventist traditions, as well as legal experts.

The purpose of this submission is to highlight aspects of the Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 2013 that would adversely affect rights associated with religious freedom. Of particular concern to F4F are proposed clauses 6 and 7 which significantly undermine freedom of conscience for doctors, nurses and counsellors. Further, while understanding the motivation for introducing access zones, F4F is concerned that proposed clause 9 is drafted too vaguely, and would improperly restrict freedom of assembly, movement and speech. 

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Freedom for Faith is a Christian legal think tank that exists to see religious freedom protected and promoted in Australia.